The tides are coming in…

News time, and I promise it’s got nothing to do with the Queen.

First off, Ebb Tides, a mini-anthology of horror stories about those liminal spaces where the ocean meets the shore, is out now. I was genuinely thrilled to be asked to contribute to this, because it features some of the best UK horror has to offer. My story, ‘Hundreds’ is a lovely tale about going on holiday to West Wales. Or something.

Second up: I occasionally write urban/contemporary fantasy under the pseudonym Louise Long, usually with a romantic and/or queer flavour. My latest under that name, “Give Him a Mask”, is about a runaway fairy prince hiding out in 1970s London, and features creepy fae, glam rock, and questionable wardrobe choices.

You’ll find it in He Bears the Cape of Stars, an anthology of masquerade stories from Duck Prints Press. The crowdfunding campaign for the anthology is now finished, but the ebook will, I’m told, be available in October from the Duck Prints shop.

And (last bit of anthology news), currently crowdfunding is Murderbirds!, an anthology of stories all about avian assassins and feathered fiends. It’s a great lineup of authors, and a preview story, “The Delicious Irony of Dino Nuggets” by Z. T. Bright, is free to read now. My contribution, “Sing Me to Sleep”, is a futuristic tale about grief and goldfinches.

If you’d like to support it, and claim one of the many and varied rewards, you know what to do.

And finally, I’ll be at FantasyCon this weekend! You can catch me talking about monsters and religion in SFF, and reading alongside some extremely cool people. If you’re going to be there, come and say hi. Or don’t, up to you.

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