Issue 1 of Gwyllion now up for pre-order!

Well… the title pretty much says it all. The first issue of new Welsh SFFH mag Gwyllion is now available for pre-order. It features “We Speak in Tongues of Flame”, my little fabulist story about art, language, and resistance, which originally appeared in the Resist Fascism anthology from Crossed Genres nearly two years ago.

My contributor copy came in the post yesterday, and I’m really enjoying reading the other stories. So far, my favourite has been “Kissed by Lightning” by Sarah Jayne Tanner. Plus, look how pretty the cover is!

You can order your copy here.

Hello, and an update

Hi! Welcome to my new website. I’ve never been much good at keeping up with blogging, so I’ll be using this page mainly to post updates when I have news.

For example, my story “We Speak in Tongues of Flame” which originally appeared in the 2018 anthology Resist Fascism from Crossed Genres, is going to be reprinted in the first issue of Gwyllion, a new SFF magazine from Wales. It’s an awesome-looking project run by marginalised people — please do check it out if you can. The first issue will be out in September.