“Osteography” out now in Cossmass Infinities

Our messenger speeds out of town with the first grey of dawn, and in the evening, Shardon sends us his bones. I wrote “Osteography” late last year, and took an online course on osteoarcheology to get it right, which is probably the most research I’ve ever done for a short story. It’s a little bitContinue reading ““Osteography” out now in Cossmass Infinities”

Diamonds, pearls, and other shiny things.

I hope you’re finding some bright spots in the seemingly-endless gloom of February lockdown. For me it’s my weekly cuppa from Brodie’s coffee shed on the way to/from work — not so much because of the caffeine as the brief illusion of normality you get from exchanging a few words with a friendly person. I’dContinue reading “Diamonds, pearls, and other shiny things.”

A wild end-of-year post appears

This is the first year I’ve published enough to really bother with one of these. I’m not calling it an eligibility post, because honestly, even if I was successful enough to be nominated for things, who has the time to go through checking eligibility criteria and what-have-you? But I like making lists. They make meContinue reading “A wild end-of-year post appears”

“Grey Mary” now up at the SSHC advent calendar!

I was chuffed to bits when, earlier this year, J. R. Park of the Sinister Horror Company got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in contributing to their horror advent calendar. Naturally, I heard ‘Christmas horror story’ and thought immediately of the Mari Lwyd (though you’ll hear people arguing about whether she’s aContinue reading ““Grey Mary” now up at the SSHC advent calendar!”

Praise for Her Magical Pet

Just thought I’d share this very nice review of Her Magical Pet over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. It’s really positive about the anthology overall, and here’s what the reviewer had to say about “Beach Dirt on Bare Feet”: ‘Beach Dirt on Bare Feet’ by Louise Long, is an F/F selkie story and I lovedContinue reading “Praise for Her Magical Pet”

Oh, you thought spooky season was over?

It never is! Not round here, anyway. On which note, you can find my wintry horror story, “White Shapes in Snow”, in the Winter 2020 issue of New Welsh Reader, which came out earlier this week. Content warnings apply: contains drug use and a brief, non-explicit reference to rape. I’ve also contributed a short pieceContinue reading “Oh, you thought spooky season was over?”