Ask Me Anything, and a new story!

Hey, just a quick update with a couple of things from me! Thing the first: Tomorrow — that’s January 13th — I’ll be doing an Ask Me Anything on the Reddit fantasy forum, r/fantasy. New Welsh Rarebyte have kindly agreed to give away 10 ebook copies of The Word to commenters, so here’s your chanceContinue reading “Ask Me Anything, and a new story!”

Let her in… let her in!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I’ve decided to make my Mari Lwyd story, “Grey Mary”, available to read for free on Patreon. I’m also going to be posting exclusive flash-or-slightly-longer fiction at the end of every month going into 2022, which you can read for one human pound a month. If youContinue reading “Let her in… let her in!”

It’s that time of year again…

…when the writers crawl out of our caves and blow our trumpets like we’re our own mums. Yes, that means it’s time for an awards eligibility post! Here’s what I published this year. The Word, adult SF novel (New Welsh Rarebyte) I follow Jonno inside, like I follow him everywhere, and secure the door behindContinue reading “It’s that time of year again…”

“Osteography” out now in Cossmass Infinities

Our messenger speeds out of town with the first grey of dawn, and in the evening, Shardon sends us his bones. I wrote “Osteography” late last year, and took an online course on osteoarcheology to get it right, which is probably the most research I’ve ever done for a short story. It’s a little bitContinue reading ““Osteography” out now in Cossmass Infinities”

Diamonds, pearls, and other shiny things.

I hope you’re finding some bright spots in the seemingly-endless gloom of February lockdown. For me it’s my weekly cuppa from Brodie’s coffee shed on the way to/from work — not so much because of the caffeine as the brief illusion of normality you get from exchanging a few words with a friendly person. I’dContinue reading “Diamonds, pearls, and other shiny things.”